Our Summer Newsletter is out!

Summer is here in full force, and with it comes the next installment of the vineyard newsletter! You can find the original version here, or read on!

In the vineyard.

It's been a warm spring, and as summer begins the grapes are about 2 weeks ahead of normal.  We've just entered verasion, the time when the grapes turn from green to red.  We planted about 225 new vines this year, and they're already almost 2 feet tall.  This is the time when growth slows down and the vines concentrate on building flavor and color.  Most of our hard vineyard work is done, and we can relax a bit... until harvest that is.

The website is up.

Our new website is up, check it out.  It still need a bit of refinement, but we're back online.  As part of the new site we've set up the ability to purchase on-line, although we still enjoy receiving email direct from you.

2013 is in the bottle.

In May, the 2013 Pinot went into the bottle.  Our bottling technique and machinery is very gentle, resulting in little, if any, "bottle shock".  Although you'll taste the "newness" of this vintage, it's ready to drink or cellar. Our 2013 Pinot is priced at $40.00 per bottle, and we still have a limited amount of our 2012 Chardonnay at $24.00 per bottle, and 2013 Rose at $18.00. Shipping is free with any order that includes 6 or more bottles of Pinot. For an alternative purchasing idea, see our offer in the Project Nepal section of the newsletter.

Welcome Aaron

Chris and I are extremely happy to welcome Aaron Mason to the team.  Another Mason? Yes, Aaron is my son, making this formally a multigenerational family affair.  And no, we won't be changing the name to Emthree.  Aaron brings with him a wealth of experience in product launch, media communications, and marketing.  He'll be helping us to stay in touch with the friends and supporters who drink our wine and in taking this enterprise to a higher level.  He may even learn how to make a world class Pinot along the way.

The Labyrinth Foundation, Project Nepal

The devastating earthquake in Nepal caused widespread damage and complete leveling of many villages.  In the fall, we'll be traveling to Nepal for a month of reconstruction work in a village located 50 miles from Kathmandu.  We will be transporting two manual brick making machines called CINVA rams (click to see one) that will enable the local population to begin the task of rebuilding.  We plan to supply the machines, training, and materials to the village, and they will supply the labor.

We are initiating a fundraising campaign through our non-profit, the Labyrinth Foundation for Disaster Relief (LFDR), and you can help to make this project a success by donating.  LFDR is a California 501(c).3 Non-profit, and donations are tax deductible.  If you’d like to make a donation directly, any amount will help the rebuilding efforts. Donations can be sent to:

6111 Van Keppel Rd.
Forestville, CA  95436

If you’d like to help out and enjoy great wine, we can make that happen also.

  • For a $500 donation to LFDR, Emtu will ship you a 6 pack of the wine of your choice.
  • For a $1000 donation to LFDR, Emtu will ship you a case (12 bottles).
  • A percentage of this should be tax deductible, check with your tax professional.  

Email John for more details.

Come for the harvest!

This year we want to share the harvest experience with some of our friends.  We expect to be picking grapes in early to mid-September, over several weekends.  Hey, it's farming, so we can't set dates yet, but...If you want to join us in the fun, let me know so that we can start working on scheduling.  The day will be an early morning pick of about one ton of grapes, followed by a delicious lunch, and everybody goes home with wine!  You should be in good physical shape, as harvest means bending, lifting, and carrying 30-40 pound lugs, and using sharp tools (no running).  The weather could be anywhere from a foggy 40 degrees to up into the 80's when the sun comes out. Coming from out of town?  We can now host guests in...

The Vineyard View Room.

We have been working for the past year to create a comfortable space where guests can stay, The Vineyard View Room.  This spacious suite is comes with a queen bed, bathroom, 2 porches and a private entrance.  The views encompass the garden, vineyards, and surrounding hills.  The suite will be available August first.  Chris will be managing bookings, and until we get a reservation system setup, you can contact her through our website. Rate vary seasonally, so email Chris for pricing and availability

That's it... Thanks!

Without all the support we receive from our friends and family in the community we'd never be able to keep this project running. Thank you all so much.

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