The Vineyard

All of our wine comes from a single, dry-farmed, 2 acre CCOF Certified Organic vineyard located at the juncture of the Russian River and Green Valley AVA’s of Sonoma County.

We’ve planted and own the vineyard, manage all of the farming operations, and carry out all of the winemaking process. Planted in deep Goldridge soils, the vineyard was originally comprised of approximately 70% Pommard 4 and 30% Dijon 115 grafted onto 101-14 or 3309 rootstocks. Recently we have added about 10% 667 to add another component to the complex of flavors.

We cane prune our vines; each year the capacity of each individual vine is assessed, and only the appropriate number of buds are left as fruiting wood.  This balances the vine, and adjustments can be made in fruit load from year to year. Early passes through the vineyard for shoot thinning and positioning ensure the optimal canopy density, with filtered sunlight falling evenly on each cluster of grapes. We do not irrigate during the growing season, and the vines reach deep into the soil to extract the combination of water, minerals, and nutrients specific to this vineyard.

The grapes are harvested when we think the ideal balance of physiological ripeness, acids, tannins and sugar have been reached. It will be a unique mix each season, based on conditions, and the wine will differentiate itself from year to year. It is not our goal to produce a homogenized product where each vintage is the same; but rather a consistently excellent wine that fully expresses the nuances of the site from which it came and the conditions under which it matured.